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Tier hits million ride milestone in West of England

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Tier celebrates one million miles ridden on its vehicles in the West of England after taking over the micromobility service from Voi in September 2023. 

With 3,000 vehicles spread across the cities of Bristol and Bath, it is the largest tendered scheme in the UK. 

Offering e-scooters, WESTbike e-bikes, and WESTcargo bikes, Tier’s is the first multi-modal system operating in the region. 

Zag Daily asked Tier UK Head of Public Policy Jessica Murphy what has made the difference in terms of driving more trips.

“The biggest factor has been getting the fleet up to its current size, which is the largest it has been in the history of the scheme,” said Murphy. 

“We will be increasing the fleet size further by several hundred vehicles later this year.

“Introducing multi-modality has also been great as it gives users more options for their journeys.”

As well as expanding to a multi-modal fleet, Tier has updated its service based on user feedback to offer more convenient journeys. It has added more parking bays throughout Bristol and Bath in cooperation with the Combined Authority and City Councils, and it has also simplified the parking verification process. A new Park Assist tool is now live which directs users to the nearest free parking bay if theirs is at full capacity.

To celebrate the million ride milestone, Tier is offering 1,000 riders a free unlock and ten minute journey using the code MILLION2024.

“Reaching a million miles in just a few months is testament to the importance and popularity of micromobility in the West of England,” Jessica said. 

“This milestone showcases a stable, reliable, convenient service that has reached scale and is now one of the most popular in the country.”

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