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TIER e-bikes land in Ireland for DCU trial

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Shared micromobility operator TIER has launched its first set of e-bikes in Ireland as part of a trial for Dublin City University’s (DCU) five campuses.

The e-bike trial will provide a quick way for DCU’s staff and 17,400 students to travel between the Northside campuses.

TIER’s e-scooters have already been in operation on DCU’s main campus for nine months, with no incidents reported.

“This e-bike initiative is a welcome expansion of DCU’s productive partnership with TIER,” said DCU President Daire Keogh.

“The University’s Climate Action Plan commits us to an ambitious target of net zero carbon emissions. TIER’s e-bikes will give our students and staff a new sustainable transport option to help us achieve that objective, while also increasing connectivity between DCU’s campuses.”

TIER e-Bike Ireland

TIER hopes to fully connect University campuses with e-scooters if legislation is passed in the Republic of Ireland, “but in the meantime we are glad to be able to show Dublin our cutting-edge e-bikes,” said Fred Jones, TIER’s General Manager for Northern Europe.

Mr. Jones continued: “We have been proud of the success of our e-scooter scheme so far alongside DCU and Luna, where we equipped a fleet of scooters with advanced computer vision technology. With this, TIER e-scooters are capable of understanding how many people were in their path, as well as preventing vehicles from being used on footpaths.

“This is a useful addition to our existing research pilot project for TIER in Ireland and we are excited to have launched this trial connecting the five campuses of Dublin City University. It is an exciting opportunity for research on modal shift, as we work to help the University to reduce its carbon footprint and offer a more sustainable, safer first and last mile solution. We hope to apply all project learnings to future TIER operations in Ireland.”

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