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Tier debuts multi-modal vehicle potential in Ireland

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Navan in Ireland has become the first market of Tier’s to have a unified offering consisting of nextbike by Tier push bikes, e-bikes and cargo bikes.

The new multi-modal fleet can be accessed all through a single app.

These services in Ireland are a proof-point for Tier’s ‘multi-model’ ambitions, with the operator now able to offer any combination of docked push bikes and e-bikes, dockless e-scooters, as well as e-cargo bikes in what is one of the broadest range of micromobility options on the market to meet local authority needs.

This was made possible because of an initial back-end integration between Tier and nextbike by Tier, which began following Tier’s acquisition of nextbike in 2021.

Peadar Golden, Tier’s Ireland Country Manager, told Zag Daily: “What particularly excites me about our ‘multi-model’ capabilities is it offers a level of flexibility in the systems we can facilitate, which is unmatched in the industry.

“For example, we know that a docked push-bike system can most often be the cheapest system for the public to access, while on the other hand e-bikes and e-scooters can replace longer local journeys which would otherwise be taken by car. Adding cargo-bikes to the mix lets our users visit a DIY store, do the weekly shop for a large family or drop the kids off at school. Crucially being able to offer it all through a single app reduces the barriers to micromobility adoption and gives communities a transport system which reduces congestion and air pollution the more it is used.”

Tier’s latest launch consists of 20 push bikes, 25 dockless e-bikes and three cargo bikes, providing the right vehicle for the right journey, increasing mode-shift away from car journeys. 

“Local authorities can now rely on Tier to develop a comprehensive and customised micromobility network that aligns perfectly with their unique urban landscapes, fostering a greener and more connected urban environment,” said Golden.

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