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See.Sense expands e-scooter trials to Madrid

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Cycling data-technology company See.Sense and shared micromobility operator Dott have launched a 12-week initiative in Madrid to monitor road safety for e-scooters.

The initiative will see a selection of Dott’s e-scooters equipped with patented sensor technology from See.Sense which will observe rider behaviour and note hazardous spots in the city.

“We’ll collect the data on the Dott e-scooters and then we’ll present it back to the Madrid policy team who are responsible for the design and maintenance of infrastructure in Madrid,” Irene McAleese, Co-Founder and CSO of See.Sense, told Zag Daily.

Termed a ‘Proof of Concept’ trial, the initiative comes after a similar successful implementation in London that took place in 2021.

Following the trial’s completion, See.Sense has received significant engagement from Transport for London (TfL), which validated the data for its Vision Zero. This aims to eradicate deaths and serious injuries from travelling in London.

“TfL were very interested in our data because they recognised that there’s a gap in micromobility data,” Ireene said.

“They have data about how cars move around the city and where they swerve and brake, but they’ve never had this for micromobility before. This is a gap that we’re able to fill.”

Hoping for the same engagement further ashore, See.Sense is using cost-effective technology to detect how e-scooter riders behave in the Spanish capital.

“The patented sensor technology reads the environment around the rider up to 800 times per second. We use edge-processing and AI to profile the rider in real time before we send the data,” said Ireene. “That’s why we can get very granular insights.

“You can almost think of it as Formula One telemetry but for an e-scooter or a bike.”

Ireene also expressed hopes that the relevant authorities will take out a data license to continue to engage with the data after the trial’s completion.

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