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Report compares how three megacities are moving away from cars

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Campaigners at Car Free Megacities have produced a data dashboard showcasing how London, New York and Paris compare in their efforts to move away from private car ownership. 

When ranking each city, the study shows that London has the most daily trips taken by bicycle (700,000), followed by Paris (625,000) and New York (530,000). 

Bike-sharing schemes are also becoming increasingly popular with millions of trips being made using these services each year. 

Paris has the most trips made on bike-sharing schemes per year per million population (5.2m), with New York in second (2.4m) and London in last place (1.1m). 

The other reason for this two-year project is “to create a healthy competition between the three cities, because there is so much more work to do to get cars off the roads,” Car Free Megacities Campaign Manager Emilia Hanna, at climate charity Possible, told Zag Daily. 

When comparing the time each commuter driver lost during rush hour every year by city, London came first with 119hrs per driver. New York and Paris came second and third on 123hrs and 144hrs respectively.

The report was created by climate charity Possible, think tank the New Weather Institute, Paris sans Voiture, Brooklyn Spoke, Westminster University’s Active Travel Academy, and Glimpse, supported by the KR Foundation, and Brompton.

Hanna said: “These cities have all introduced measures that the others could learn from. London’s ambitious Ultra Low Emission Zone for example or the impressive rollout of cycle lanes in recent years in Paris or even New York’s creation of outdoor havens and pedestrian plazas during lockdown. 

“All these cities’ efforts show that we can do better and that there are a myriad of options at our disposal to transform our cities into healthier, greener places that work for people rather than cars.”

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