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Powering micromobility at the World Cup with Wer2

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Doha-based e-scooter startup Wer2 is showcasing micromobility’s potential at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar by helping the projected 1.2 million football fans get around the city.  

More than 700 smart, shared e-scooters have been deployed next to the Metro stations, stadiums and fan zones where transportation options can become limited as crowds gather. 

“The World Cup presents a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the viability of a last-mile alternative to the current transportation options that congest and pollute our cities,” CEO Hamed Al Habab of Wer2 told Zag Daily. 

Wer2 has been working with Qatar’s Ministry of Transport on the best places to deploy its free floating e-scooters. 

“One of the main ways we are serving the public is through fan festival areas where big screens and events are running,” said Al Habab. “Then when these events finish, the fans can hop on our e-scooters back to the metro station.” 

Al Habab told Zag that during the group stages of the tournament the operator had around a 60% increase in ridership levels.  


Wer2’s e-scooters are a Max-Plus model that has been developed by Segway, one of the global leaders in e-scooter design and manufacturing.

Max-Plus features built-in IoT (Internet of Things) technology which is integrated with the dashboard, allowing rich data collection and analysis. 

It also features an anti-theft battery cover design to maximise security, as well as independent left and right brake levers, dual suspension and dual kickstand for a comfortable riding experience.

“Wer2’s partnership with Segway is the cornerstone of our strategy thanks to the vehicle’s reliability and smart features that allow us to innovate and scale,” said Al Habab. 

Alan Zhao, Director of the Commercial Mobility Business Division at Segway-Ninebot, shares Wer2’s excitement. “Segway is proud to be part of the World Cup experience for Wer2’s riders – who we are sure will enjoy this convenient, fun and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation.”

Wer2 was founded in 2020 which is when the collaboration began with Segway. Both companies see tremendous potential for shared micromobility in Qatar and the broader Gulf region.

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