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Parking measures key to e-scooter success in Liverpool says Voi

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Micromobility operator Voi credits parking measures as a key reason for its success in hitting the two million rides milestone in Liverpool. 

Since launching in the city in October 2020, one in four people have ridden an e-scooter according to Voi.

This has resulted in e-scooters replacing over 800,000 short car journeys, saving an estimated 430 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Key to Voi’s success has been its investment in parking.

Over the past year Voi has installed more than 200 painted parking bays across Liverpool’s city centre.

When coupled with Voi’s in-app parking photo feature, these measures have resulted in big improvements in parking compliance.

Putting measures in place that encourage better parking is an important part of transitioning from car-centric to decarbonised cities.

Data from the 2021 International Transport Forum Report shows a direct link between installing physical racks and painted bays, with improvements in parking behaviour.

Liverpudlians have been dubbed ‘good apples’ by Voi as research shows that 9 in 10 rides have ended with e-scooters being parked safely and securely.


Liam Robinson, Transport Portfolio Holder for Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, said: “The e-scooter trial in Liverpool has proven very popular and successful with two million rides taken so far. Research also suggests that many of these have been replacing car journeys, helping reduce congestion and cut harmful emissions in the city, which is vital as we pursue our ambition for the city region to become net-zero by 2040.

“The Combined Authority, and our partners at Liverpool City Council, have worked closely with Voi throughout the trial to improve the scheme and respond to concerns raised, introducing successful new measures like mandatory parking bays and Slow and No Riding Zones to improve safety.

“With the trial continuing this year, we look forward to further exploring how e-scooters could become a more permanent part of the sustainable, London-style transport network the Metro Mayor is building in the Liverpool City Region.”

Voi currently serves 80% of Liverpool, however its vision is to now include more people outside of the centre with a safe, convenient and sustainable mode of transport.

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