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Over 10 per cent in Redditch, Canterbury have ridden a shared e-scooter

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More than 10 per cent of eligible people in Canterbury and Redditch have ridden a shared e-scooter since the start of the trial last year.

The two Bird-operated schemes have now been extended until March 2022, the current end date for the UK-wide shared e-scooter trials.

Bird has deployed around 250 devices across the two locations, with the Redditch trial expanding in January and May in order to serve a larger portion of the local population.

Meanwhile, the Canterbury trial has grown from the university to the city centre and peripheral areas including Thanington, Hales Place, and Wincheap.

“We’re delighted that the trial of e-scooters has been extended to March 2022 and applaud the decision of the Kent County Council and the DfT for their continued support and embrace of eco-friendly transportation,” Charlotte Bailey, Regional General Manager at Bird, told Zag Daily.

“Our goal has always been to make cities more liveable and make people think twice about using a car. The extension of the trial is a testament to how well people in Canterbury have taken to the service. It’s been an honour to partner with the Kent County Council and the DfT and we look forward to building on our partnership to improve our service even further by continuing to provide a safe, environmentally-friendly mobility solution to the community.”

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