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Operators welcome public vote on continuing e-scooter trial in Paris

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Dott, Lime, and Tier, the three operators participating in the Paris e-scooter trials, have welcomed mayor Anne Hidalgo’s decision to hold a public vote on continuing e-scooter rental services in the city.

In a joint statement, the companies affirmed they are convinced “that Parisians are aware of the role that decarbonised micromobility plays in respecting the ambitions set out in the Paris agreements at COP21.”

“All the employees in the Paris area – 800 employees in total, all on fixed-term and permanent contracts – take note of this reprieve,” informed the statement, highlighting that over two million unique riders used the e-scooter services in 2022 and avoided 700 tons of CO2 in 2021.

Erwann Le Page, Director of Public Policy Western Europe at Tier, told Zag Daily: “the contract extension of several months will enable us to continue raising the bar and providing a reliable, affordable, safe, quiet, inclusive, and most of all environmentally sustainable service to Parisians and its visitors, on the eve of the Paris Olympics in 2024.”

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has told local press the public would decide on the continuation of e-scooter rental trials on a referendum expecteded to be held on April 2.

The announcement follows months of discussions regarding the safety of e-scooters in the city. In November, the three operators presented eleven joint measures to address Paris council concerns regarding the operation.

Hidalgo said Paris residents would be asked “a very simple question” in the referendum: “Do we or don’t we continue with free-floating rental scooters?” 

The mayor said she would “respect Parisians’ vote”.

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