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nextbike by Tier launches four more bike-sharing services in Spain

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German company nextbike by Tier has announced the launch of four shared push bike and e-bike systems in Spain in eight weeks.

New services in Getxo, Mislata and Palma de Mallorca add to the firm’s win of a large-scale tender in Barcelona, set to be one of the largest shared e-bike systems in Europe.

More bike-sharing systems will follow in the Spanish market before the end of the year, with two bike-sharing offers in Bizkaia and Santander.

Jhon Alexander Ramirez Ospina, International Business Development Manager at nextbike who is responsible for all expansion projects in Spain, told Zag Daily that the company expects very high usage rates there. 

“The most successful scheme we have in the nextbike world is Bilbaobizi and it is also the best performing in bike sharing rankings in Europe on a trip per day basis metric,” said Ospina. “It has reached more than 18 trips per bike per day in the high season, so we can only expect that more nextbike Spanish cities will join the top performing bike sharing ranking in Europe.”

In December, the company started to implement the BiciPalma system in Palma de Mallorca. The scheme is expected to grow to almost 1,000 bikes, a third of them being e-bikes, and will cover around 20 districts.

Ambici, in Barcelona, was launched in January with around 600 bikes in six municipalities. The system will eventually include around 2,500 bikes and 220 stations, connecting 15 municipalities, making it the largest e-bike system for nextbike.

In the same month, the company launched Getxobizi with 100 bikes, which will be interconnected with the entire Bizkaia region service and is set to comprise 600 e-bikes.

This week, nextbike also launched a small scheme in Mislata, a province in Valencia, with 15 stations. The company operates in more than 300 cities worldwide.

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