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Neuron challenges riders to ditch their car for Earth Day

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Neuron is offering weekly passes with savings of up to 80% as part of its challenge to riders to ditch their car for a week before Earth Day.

The Green Rider Challenge has started today and runs until April 21 across Neuron’s UK e-scooter trials in Newcastle, Slough and Sunderland.

Earth Day is an annual event held on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Carbon savings revealed next week

Based on the total distance travelled on Neuron’s e-scooters over the week, calculations of carbon emissions saved during the challenge will be announced to riders on Earth Day.

Neuron says its own data shows 40% of its riders trips are to replace a car journey. 

The Green Rider challenge also coincides with Neuron’s operations globally being certified as a Carbon Neutral Service in accordance with Australia’s Carbon Reduction Institute.

Neuron uses electric vehicles (EV) to transport its e-scooters to and from warehouses, which it says helps to support its carbon neutral operations as well as towns and cities’ sustainable transport goals.

The micromobility company uses swappable batteries for its scooters, which are all recharged with renewable energy.

Neuron says using swappable batteries means the entire fleet does not need to be transported back to a charging point, which further reduces Neuron’s carbon footprint.

George Symes, expansion manager at Neuron Mobility, said: “As the UK looks to meet its net zero goals, it is vital that we remove cars from the roads.

“By taking part in the Green Rider challenge, we’re encouraging riders to ditch their cars and ride an e-scooter instead.”

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