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Microlino rolls into France

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Photo credit: L. Van Krinkelen.

Micro is introducing its space-saving, electric bubble quadricycle to the French market this summer. 

The 2.5 m long fully electric Microlino weighs around 500 kg, can seat two occupants and has a 230-litre boot space.

Using automotive-grade components, it is the first vehicle in its class to feature steel and aluminium unibody construction. This unibody construction makes the vehicle safer and more durable than the tubular chassis typically used in this category. 

For its move into France, the Swiss mobility manufacturer has strategically focused its marketing efforts in key cities through a partnership with Belgian company D’Ieteren for importation and distribution. 

Customers can visit its online showroom, receive advice from specialists on electro-mobility and take one of several models out for a test ride. 

Merlin Ouboter, Co-Founder of Micro, told Zag Daily: “We are super excited about the launch because we believe that France will be one of our biggest markets in Europe. The order window is open and deliveries will start in the next few weeks, with the first locations in Paris, Lyon, Monaco and Fréjus with more to follow soon.”


In Switzerland, the first customers have already received their Microlino in a special edition called the “Pioneer Series” with Gucci CEO, Marco Bizzarri, among the drivers. 

Many cars have become oversized for city and suburban traffic creating a mismatch between the vehicle and the user’s real needs. According to Micro, the average occupancy of a car is 1.2 people driving around 35 km a day. Microlino offers a new solution for mobility in and between cities adapted to real day-to-day needs. Its small size makes it easy to park in an increasingly saturated urban space, while still managing to comfortably accommodate two adults side by side, while protecting them from the elements. 

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