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Miami e-scooter ban overturned, new measures in place

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The Miami City Commission has voted to overturn its ban on e-scooters just 10 days after the policy was first enforced.

The ban came into immediate effect on 19 November after a five to four vote by commissioners, but it has now been agreed that shared e-scooter operators including Lime, Bird, Helbiz and Spin can restart schemes from 15 January next year.

Strict new safety measures have been included in the new agreement, with riders now required to wear a helmet and travel no faster than 16km/h.

Side-by-side riding has also been banned, while riders must be at least 18 to hire an e-scooter.

Finally, a limit of two operators per block has been enforced to manage device numbers.

“This news comes as a relief to Miami residents who’ve long relied on e-scooters as a safe, affordable and sustainable way to get around,” said Bruno Lopes, Senior Manager for Government Relations at Lime.

“We look forward to working closely with the commissioners and Mayor [Francis] Suarez to develop a permanent program that prioritizes safety for riders and non-riders alike. We specifically hope the city will continue to invest the millions of dollars in e-scooter fees Lime and other operators pay into protected bike lanes, the most proven way to ensure the safety of all road users.”

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