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Lyon renews Dott and Tier licenses for four more years

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Dott and Tier have both had their licences renewed to continue operating e-scooters in the French city of Lyon for four more years.

Each operator can deploy up to 2,000 e-scooters for riders to enjoy.

The shared micromobility service has been widely adopted by the people of Lyon. In 2022, there were 456,000 unique users in the city.   

Lyon first launched a tender for e-scooter operators in 2020 to regulate the vehicles and improve integration into public spaces. 

This latest tender had more demanding criteria focusing on four key issues: respecting public space, personal safety, the environment and social commitments. 

Dott said that it will extend the lifespan of its e-scooters through a unique refurbishment project, to be announced in the coming weeks, and refocus its efforts to reach the ‘vision zero’ road safety objective.

Manon Pagniez, Regional Director for Dott France, told Zag Daily: “We look forward to collaborating with the City of Lyon to further improve responsible integration in the city. New measures will include introducing a lower speed ‘beginner mode’, and the introduction of licence plates, as well as exploring ways to prevent sidewalk and two-person riding. 

“We will continue to lower our environmental impact, but focusing on maintenance to expand the lifespan of our vehicles beyond seven years.” 

In 2022, Lyon was awarded the “100 Climate Neutral Cities” programme by the European Commission. This is an ambitious project aiming to make 100 European cities climate neutral by 2030. 

Speaking with Franck Guerniou, Head of Lyon at Tier Mobility, he said: “With a new authorisation extended to four years, the city reaffirms the usefulness of our service as an essential lever of creating a more sustainable environment, in particular to reach its objective of climate neutrality in 2030.

“Our local team is doing its utmost to support and accelerate this transition by delivering the best level of service to the people of Lyon. I would also like to emphasise the quality of the exchanges and collaboration with the city of Lyon, our privileged partner.” 

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