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Lime offers free rides to Londoners that scrap their old car

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Lime is offering more than £1,000 in free rides to Londoners that scrap their old cars, marking the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

The expansion of the ULEZ scheme will require drivers of non-compliant vehicles to pay £12.50 every time they drive in the new zone, costing the average driver over £3,000 per year.

As one of the three e-scooter operators chosen for the London trial, Lime is offering local residents who scrap their non-ULEZ compliant vehicle between the 25 October and 1 November £1,250 in credit.

This is the equivalent of 100 ULEZ charges or two and a half years of free Lime travel across the capital.

Lime has operated its shared e-bike service in London for three years, delivering over four million zero-emission rides to date, and is also committing to offering discounts on journeys when the air quality in London is forecasted to be poor.

“Lime loves London and we’re proud to be helping to create a cleaner, zero-emission capital,” said Alan Clarke, Senior Director of Policy for Northern Europe at Lime.

“Our scrappage schemes and discounted rides are designed to show Londoners the benefits of sustainable travel and demonstrate you can get wherever you need to go safely and conveniently whilst leaving the car at home”  

Simon Munk, Campaigns Manager at the London Cycling Campaign, added: “The expansion of the ULEZ is vital to improving London’s scandalously poor air quality. But it won’t be enough by itself to clean up our air. We also urgently need to support Londoners in swapping car journeys for trips by cycle, e-bike and other cleaner transport options. We hope the expanded ULEZ will prompt people to consider cleaner, healthier alternatives to using the car, and are glad to see Lime making it easier for Londoners to make that switch.”

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