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Lime funds £100,000 project to increase cycling diversity in London

Lime, Loud Mobility and London Cycling Campaign have launched a £100,000 community fund to increase cycling within underrepresented groups in London.

The ‘Share the Joy’ fund aims to support organisations and communities who are working to increase equitable access to the benefits of cycling.

Funded by Lime, the first cohort’s recipients will receive £2,500 to support their core costs, project costs and new equipment, who may have struggled to access other funding. 

“We’re delighted to be partnering with two leading organisations in showcasing that funding positive outcomes, and valuing the contribution of grassroots and community-focused organisations is integral to our chances of achieving transport decarbonisation,” Loud Mobility Founder Georgia Yexley told Zag Daily. 

“Beyond the direct impact the funds will make in the delivery of joyful cycling experiences within community groups, organisers and activists across London, we’ve also set out from the outset that the barriers to access should be as low as possible with the focus of the funds distribution being the benefits it’s able to achieve, rather than the hoops applicants have jumped through.”

The first cohort of fund recipients includes The Bike Project which is an organisation that refurbishes donated second-hand bikes and gives them to refugees and people seeking asylum.

It also includes award-winning charity Cycle Sisters which inspires Muslim women to cycle, and Wheels for Wellbeing – a charity that works to remove the barriers to cycling for disabled people. 

“Initial recipients are benefitting from unrestricted core funding that is supporting the expansion of training courses, the creation of dignified and green job opportunities and the delivery of accessible and inclusive joyful cycling experiences,” Georgia said. 

Loud Mobility, Lime and London Cycling Campaign will be hosting a free ‘Share the Joy Festival’ in Camden on Saturday 13 July where recipients will showcase their work, and 100 coffee table books have been released to celebrate these nine initial recipients.

“We look forward to supporting even more cycling joy in the capital in the year to come.”

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