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Lime e-bikes land in Nottingham

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Micromobility operator Lime has today launched a new fleet of shared rental e-bikes in the city of Nottingham, central England. 

The company will deploy 700 of its latest Gen4 e-bikes in total but the rollout will be staggered.

Nottingham is the fourth UK city to embrace Lime vehicles after London, Milton Keynes and Salford. A similar fleet will be launched in Derby in the coming weeks.

“Lime e-bikes have become a staple for travel residents in London, and our launch in Nottingham is a further step towards our ambition of giving more people across the UK the opportunity to transition away from cars,” Lime’s Public Affairs Manager Alice Pleasant told Zag Daily.  

The expansion comes at a time when cycling is booming – 1.5 million people have ridden Lime in the UK since the operator launched locally in 2018. 

Nottingham already has a strong track record of offering eco-friendly transportation options, including a large fleet of biogas buses and extensive tram network.

It is also among the most popular UK cities for shared e-scooters. The operator Superpedestrian has integrated its services with the Nottingham City Transport app (NCTX) and deployed parking racks throughout the city.

“As we launch in a city that’s already making strides towards a more sustainable transport system, we’re continuing to work closely with the council to ensure the smooth integration of our vehicles into the community,” said Pleasant. 

“We’re also supporting the Department for Transport’s ‘It’s Everyone’s Journey’ campaign, with the aim of creating a more considerate and supportive travel environment in the city. By launching ‘Feel Good Parking’ stickers on the basket of our bikes in Nottingham, we are reminding users to always park in parking bays marked with a ‘P’ in the Lime app as we look to prioritise parking.”

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