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Government in Ireland approves legislation allowing e-scooters on public roads

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Legislation allowing the use of e-scooters on public roads in Ireland has been approved by the government and may be confirmed by Christmas.

The Road Traffic and Roads Bill was approved by the cabinet on Tuesday and is now set to be placed in front of the legislative branch.

A shared e-scooter trial is currently taking place across five Dublin City University campuses, having been launched in July with the collaboration of operator TIER and technology firm Luna.

According to the Irish Times, more than 20 operators have expressed interest in launching shared schemes in Ireland, including TIER, Dott, Voi, Bird, Bolt and Superpedestrian, as well local firms such as Zipp Mobility, Bleeper and Zeus.

Shared e-scooters are currently being trialled in the UK, but are legal throughout much of Europe.

TIER has welcomed the news, with Vice President and Regional General Manager for Northern Europe Fred Jones telling Zag Daily that the legislation supports firms that are willing to implement schemes with the “right approach”.

“The Road Traffic and Roads Bill, which will include provisions for e-scooter usage on our roads is warmly welcomed by TIER,” he said.

“We launched Ireland’s first trial e-scooter scheme on the DCU campus to test the highest possible safety and parking standards in an Irish context, and this legislation clearly supports only the companies who are committed to the right approach to micromobility.

“We are ready and excited to continue dialogue with partners in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Louth and would be keen to launch in Ireland with safety at the forefront of our operations.”

Superpedestrian Policy Director (Ireland and UK) Jean Andrews added that the decision can “put Ireland at the leading edge” within the micromobility sector.

“Regulating personal and shared e-scooters in Ireland is the fastest route to maximising safety and realising the benefits of this sustainable transport mode,” she told Zag Daily.

“We support the government in pressing on with legislation, which we believe will put Ireland at the leading edge of micromobility safety and technology.”

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