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Forest Parcel: London’s New Zero-Emission Parcel Delivery Service

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Micromobility firm HumanForest has launched a new solution for parcel delivery – Forest Parcel. 

The zero-emission, on-demand parcel delivery service allows Londoners and businesses to send packages across the city. 

Parcel delivery has a big role to play in addressing climate change as it is set to double in London over the next five years to one billion packages annually. 


Forest Parcel’s Service Area

Many parcels are delivered by vans leading to increased road congestion and air pollution. Forest Parcel can be more efficient by using the company’s existing fleet of e-bikes to manoeuvre congested city streets. Eugenia Sepulveda, Forest Parcel Lead, told Zag Daily: “The shift from car to e-bike reduces journey times by approximately 20% and, in turn, reduces road congestion.”

This agility brings significant savings when compared to traditional parcel delivery. Sepulveda continued: “Over a 6km journey, Forest Parcel is on average 30% cheaper.”

Forest Parcel

Forest Parcel offers yet another way for customers to reduce their carbon footprint on a daily basis. “Unlike other parcel delivery solutions, Forest Parcels is powered exclusively by renewable energy meaning that we avoid CO2 emissions instead of using post journey offsets.” 

The parcel must weigh less than five kilograms. Deliveries are bookable through the Parcel website.

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