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E-moped firm Blitz Motors makes move into UK market

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Israeli electric moped company Blitz Motors is entering the UK market as it sees huge growth opportunities in the last mile delivery sector. 

Founded in 2012 in Tel Aviv, Blitz Motors now works with more than 130,000 delivery riders worldwide. 

Today Blitz e-mopeds have covered more than 20 million kilometres for both private consumers and corporates offering last mile delivery, including Domino’s Pizza, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and the Post Office. 

The publicly listed company, which currently operates in Belgium, France, South Africa, Singapore and the Netherlands, is now launching in the UK by setting up a new operations hub in North London.  

Speaking with Zag Daily about the expansion, Blitz’s CEO and Founder Raphael Moszynski, said: “We see massive potential in the UK as it is a very delivery orientated market. Some of the main brands we already work with are stationed here, with sites across the region.” 

One of Blitz’s largest clients has around 120 sites in Belgium, 300 in the Netherlands and 1,200 in the UK so there is a lot of potential, said Moszynski. “In the UK many of our clients are still using petrol-powered mopeds for delivery so we can turn their fleets electric.”

All Blitz e-mopeds are designed and manufactured in-house at its research and development centre in Tel Aviv. 

The vehicles can travel up to 90km/h, and can fit three swappable batteries at the same time for a range of around 100km on a single charge. 

In addition to e-mopeds, Blitz provides maintenance and support through a fleet management system. 

“We are not just a vehicle manufacturer. We are a one-stop-shop solution with our own fleet management software where we can see where the vehicle is being driven, detect accidents, report any misuse, so our customers can focus on their core business.”

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