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Dublin council makes ‘e-cargo bike for business’ scheme permanent

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Dublin City Council has announced three permanent projects to boost the use of e-cargo bikes in the city after its successful pilot scheme launched in September 2021.

Businesses renting cargo bicycles are now able to apply for a 60% subsidy from the council for 12 months, while nonprofit organisations can apply for free use during the same time period. The council is also offering free short-term loans on e-cargo bikes for the public. 

City pilot 

The implementation of these initiatives takes place against the backdrop of a successful pilot scheme. 

The e-cargo bikes for business scheme launched by Dublin City Council and bike-sharing operator Bleeper Active saw 22 businesses trial cargo bikes for six to twelve months, racking up a combined 34,691 kilometers. This saved an estimated 4,372 kilograms of COwhen compared to using a small commercial van for their transport needs.

40% of participants in the pilot scheme have already integrated the use of cargo bikes in their businesses and 90% of firms have indicated the possibility of doing so. 

With 68% of respondents in the council’s participant survey having never cycled a cargo bike before the pilot scheme, and over 68% stating that they are now more likely to use cargo bikes for personal as well as business use, the study offers reassurances that the permanent initiatives will see similar positive impact.

With a carrying capacity of 60 kilograms and a battery which can last 160 kms, Bleeper’s e-cargo bikes offer a convenient method of transporting goods.

Zag asked Bleeper’s Communications and Marketing Manager Kieran Ryan why businesses were attracted to the idea of cargo bikes. “Cargo bikes can get through the city quicker than a car or van, reducing journey times and the amount of time wasted sitting in traffic,” he said. “Finding parking is also much easier with a cargo bike and less likely to cause obstruction for other road users. An additional benefit for participants was the time spent exercising and getting some fresh air – the cycle itself is an enjoyable experience.”

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