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Dott tests fixed pricing model to improve safety in Madrid

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Micromobility operator Dott is testing a new simplified fixed pricing model for shared e-scooter rides as it rolls out a fleet of 2,000 new vehicles in Madrid, Spain today.  

By charging per trip rather than per minute, the company aims to encourage riders to travel safely instead of rushing their journey to save costs.

This strategy also makes it easier for users to understand how much they will pay before their trip starts.

Mirroring local metro fares, each ride will cost €1.50 per trip when using a €4.99 monthly pass, or €3 per trip with a pay-as-you-go. After 30 minutes, Dott charges €0.3 per extra minute.

Dott said that, if proven effective, the new pricing model will be introduced to other markets. 

Maxim Romain, Dott’s Co-Founder and COO, told Zag Daily: “We are introducing a service to Madrid which is for locals to use everyday. Simple, fixed pricing is similar to Madrid’s metro. And by investing in high-quality operations, we will provide a safe and reliable service to use on a daily basis.”

The company has so far invested €3 million in the scheme to establish an operations centre, hire personnel and provide a fleet with the latest generation of e-scooters. 

Dott’s service is also integrated with the public transport app Madrid 360.

Besides Dott, Tier and Lime will also deploy 2,000 e-scooters each in the Spanish capital in May following a rigorous tender process.

Madrid City Council granted three-year licences renewable for six months at a time, depending on the evolution of demand.

Product & scheme specifications

Dott vehicles feature large (12”) wheels for stability, front, rear and indicator lights, as well as a phone holder. They also have built-in speed limits, with set lower speeds for heavily pedestrian areas.

The e-scooters can be found and parked at one of over 2,000 parking spots located across the city. When ending a trip, the rider must take a photo of their parking, with 100% of images validated manually to confirm correct parking.

To encourage safe riding, over one million spaces are available by Dott at a series of free regular safe driving courses.

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