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Dott makes move into Madrid with new e-bike offering

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Dott has launched 100 of its e-bikes in Madrid today, providing residents with a new environmentally friendly way to get around the Spanish capital.

The bikes cost €0.25 per km with no unlock fee, and passes are available to reduce costs for regular riders.

They can travel up to 60km between charges and at speeds of up to 25kph.

Each e-bike is fitted with lights, reflectors, mechanical drum brakes, swappable batteries, 26″ wheels and a mounted basket to provide a safe and comfortable journey.

Inside the M-30, there are more than 300 parking spaces available so riders can easily find and dock a vehicle close to their destination.

Maxim Romain, COO and Co-Founder of Dott, commented: “Our new e-bikes unlock cities and make them easier to get around, free from congestion, effortlessly gliding up hills, and available whenever and wherever they are needed.

“We hope to encourage more people to choose to travel in an environmentally friendly way, helping our streets to become less congested and more pleasant places to be.”

Dott is looking to expand its operations beyond e-scooters to encourage more people to switch to sustainable travel.

Other cities in which Dott runs its e-bike service include Mȧlaga, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Milan and Cologne.

The announcement comes hot off the heels of Dott’s recent e-bike expansion into Hammersmith and Fulham.

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