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Dott launches e-bike fleets in Brussels and Malaga

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Micromobility operator Dott deployed fleets of e-bikes in both Brussels and Malaga this week, with London and Cologne set to follow.

Dott launched its e-bike service in Paris last month and has now expanded it into Rome as well as Brussels and Malaga.

The operator will have 2,000 e-bikes in Brussels by the end of the year, while 600 are now available in Malaga.

The e-bikes are designed specifically to be ridden in cities and are fitted with lights, reflectors, and a basket.

The French firm has priced each unlock at €1, the same price charged for its e-scooters, with each minute thereafter charged at €0.20.

Regular riders can purchase passes that apply to both e-bikes and e-scooters in order to make their travel more affordable.

Maxim Romain, COO and Co-Founder at Dott, said: “We are committed to freeing our cities with clean rides for everyone, and the launch of our e-bike marks an evolution of our business. With more options for how to travel, we hope to encourage more people to choose to get around in an environmentally friendly way, helping our streets become less congested and more pleasant places to be.

”With speeds up to 25kph, Dott’s e-bikes make an efficient transport choice. Parking will be permitted in the same areas as for e-scooters, providing more flexibility for riders to easily find a vehicle and finish their ride close to their destination.”

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