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Copenhagen overturns ban on e-scooters, shared fleets to relaunch

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A ban on e-scooters in Copenhagen has been overturned, with Voi, Bolt, TIER and Lime set to relaunch fleets in the Danish capital.

The city banned e-scooters from public roads in October 2020 due to concerns over clutter and dangerous behaviour by riders.

The decision to overturn the ban came after careful negotiations between the operators and the local authorities, with an initial 12-month pilot agreed upon, including the option for a two-year extension.

Each operator will be limited to a maximum fleet size of 800 e-scooters, which will be located in the Copenhagen Inner City, the bridge districts, Amager, Bispebjerg and Brønshøj.

Riders will be able to travel through the city centre but there will be restricted parking spaces in the inner city and in the bridge districts, with Voi, Bolt, TIER and Lime set to coordinate to ensure parking standards are upheld city-wide.

Eric André, Voi General Manager for Denmark and Sweden, expressed the firm’s disappointment in some of the tight restrictions placed on where the e-scooters can be used.

“Although we’re happy to offer our scooters in the city again, we are disappointed with some elements of the tender, such as the inability to park in the city centre where we know the majority of Copenhageners and visitors to the city would love to find e-scooters,” he said.

“While riders will still be able to ride through the city centre, seeing Copenhagen’s world-famous views, these restrictions will ultimately limit the full benefit of micromobility that the city’s residents and visitors can experience.

“Over the next 12 months, we will work closely with the city to provide an environmentally-friendly micromobility solution that is genuinely safe, sustainable and accessible for all.”

Meanwhile, Benjamin Bell, Director of Public Policy for Northern Europe at TIER, told Zag Daily: “We’re thrilled to be returning soon to Copenhagen, helping the Danish capital reach its emission goals, giving people an affordable way to get around, and ensuring safety and orderly parking every step of the way.

“That includes providing a helmet with every trip, enabling riders to meet the new requirement to wear one. Micromobility in the Nordics is maturing, and as Europe’s leading player with experience of responsible operations across 150 cities, TIER is focused on setting new standards for e-scooters in the region.”

Jens-Kristian Lütken, member of the Technical and Environmental Committee for the Liberal Party (Venstre) in Denmark, added: “Copenhagen must be a city with smart green solutions that make it easy to be a citizen of the capital. Electric scooters are a great example of a green form of transport that makes it easier to live a green everyday life.

“Electric scooters had a difficult start in Copenhagen, but I am very pleased that we, together with the providers, have now found a framework that allows electric scooters to return to the streets, in a safe and secure way, that gives Copenhageners more green transport options.”

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