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Cambridge trial will debut with 300 e-scooters

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Voi will field 300 of its latest V3X electric scooters at the launch of Cambridge’s trial.

The Swedish micromobility company has been appointed as the sole operator for the trial. Depending on performance, the programme may be extended to nearby Peterborough.

“The plan is to look closely at how e-scooters work in Cambridge in a small area initially and then roll out further in Cambridge and possibly Peterborough if they’re shown to work,” a spokesperson from Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority told Zag.

Selecting just a single supplier will make it more straightforward to properly resource analysis of the trial’s performance, the council believes: “It would be far harder to assess the use of e scooters, and any potential safety issues, with more than one provider.”

Of the other two British towns with confirmed scooter trials, one is also using a single provider (Middlesbrough, with Ginger) while the other, Milton Keynes, will be serviced by three.

In addition to its coral-coloured e-scooters, Voi will also be rolling out e-bikes across the region. While initial reports stated that the scooters would be available “by September”, the likely release date has been pushed back: “We are planning for mid-September for e-scooters and early October for e-bikes.”

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Peter Minnig / Spacesuit Media

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