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Budapest picks Populus to navigate shared mobility

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Populus has been selected by Budapest to support the Hungarian capital in managing its forward-looking shared mobility services while maintaining its rich historical culture.

The partnership between Populus and Budapest transport authority Budapest Kozlekedesi Kozpont (BKK) arises amidst increasing demand for shared mobility in the city, and follows an extensive search for a solution to oversee these sustainable transport services.

Having served 100 cities globally, Populus will offer its Mobility Manager Platform and unique data-driven approach to support the cities challenges in managing bikes, scooters and other modes of shared mobility in 2024.

“Managing shared mobility services here requires a tailored approach, considering Budapest’s historical richness and intricate urban design,” Populus CEO and Co-Founder Regina Clewlow told Zag Daily.

“The city’s historical architecture and layout, with its winding streets and varied topography pose distinctive challenges for managing shared mobility services. The need to navigate through both the Buda and Pest sides of the city, along with its numerous landmarks and cultural sites, requires a nuanced approach to address the complexities of integrating modern shared transportation into a historically significant environment.”

The city will gain access to valuable data such as real-time vehicle movements, compliance with parking policies, vehicle data and vehicle movement.

Additionally, BKK will have the ability to regulate vehicle parking and enforce the appropriate placement of vehicles within mobility hubs.

Populus anticipates that its platform will assist Budapest in optimising its transportation networks, reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and contribute to the realisation of the city’s sustainability goals.

“By leveraging technology, Budapest can create a well-managed and seamlessly integrated shared mobility network, fostering a sustainable and livable capital for residents and visitors alike.”

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