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Bolt tests new ‘Traffic Buster’ trike category in Malta

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Bolt is testing a new ‘Traffic Buster’ category in its super-app by offering users in Malta the three-wheeled Carver Electric

At just 98cm wide, the 100% electric Carver can carve through gaps in traffic, but with more stability than a motorcycle due to its three wheels. 

By introducing and testing this category, Bolt aims to offer customers the best use-case for every purpose a personal car serves, while solving traffic problems and the pollution that comes with it. 

Occupants are protected whatever the weather thanks to a windscreen, roof and doors. The Carver features a steering wheel, automatic gears, a patented tilting mechanism and can run up to 100 kilometres on a single charge. 

Bolt told Zag Daily that the testing will last for a couple of months. To start with, the vehicle will only be available in a smaller geo-fenced area within Malta. As more vehicles come online Bolt will look to expand its offering accordingly. 

“For decades, cities have been built for cars, neglecting pedestrians and light vehicles,” Ryan Mahoney, Country Manager for Bolt in Malta, told Zag. “Our collaboration with Carver will help reduce traffic congestion and pollution in Malta and aims to offer locals and visitors alike a more effective and environmentally friendly transportation option.”

Anton Rosier, CEO of Carver, said that there has been an increase in the number of mobility platforms and “Bolt is the one with the highest growth in Europe”. 

“In collaboration with Buzz Electric and Carver, Bolt is currently examining the best option for Malta and that’s where the Carver comes in. It is ideal to filter through traffic and a good solution for towns and cities that may once more become a little more liveable and accessible for locals and tourists alike.” 

The mobility services offered within Bolt’s super-app include ride-hailing, shared cars and scooters, and food and grocery delivery.

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