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Beryl e-bikes now available at mobility hubs across Plymouth

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Micromobility operator Beryl has launched a fleet of e-bikes in Plymouth, southwest England, as part of a new sustainable transport initiative in partnership with the city council.  

Dubbed Connect Plymouth, the initiative aims to change people’s travel habits by installing mobility hubs that offer a range of more affordable and greener urban travel options.

Besides Beryl’s e-bikes, the council has awarded a contract to Co Cars to run a fleet of electric car club vehicles, as well as electric vehicle charge points provided by Wenea

“Projects such as Connect Plymouth share our vision of sustainable transport networks that offer people flexible and convenient alternatives to private vehicle ownership,” Beryl’s CEO Phil Ellis told Zag Daily.

“Shared mobility schemes bring a wealth of benefits, removing the need for vehicle storage and allowing people to save money on costs such as fuel, insurance, tax, MOT and maintenance. This is particularly important with the cost of living at an all-time high.”

Beryl wants to inspire more people to take up these travel options to help make towns and cities cleaner and greener spaces to live, work and visit.

Sharing scheme

In the first phase of the e-bike sharing scheme, which started today, Beryl will offer 125 e-bikes for public use from 28 Beryl bays.

Further e-bikes and bays will be added in phases throughout 2023. When fully operational, Plymouth will have a 500-strong fleet for hire from over 90 bays at key locations.

There will be an additional 300 parking bays across the city, each with Wenea charge points. 

The project is part of the Department of Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund, which aims to promote low-carbon options for travel.

Plymouth City Council received £51.2m capital funding from the Transforming Cities Fund in March 2020, building on £7.6m awarded in 2019.

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