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Barnstaple bags e-scooter trial

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Here’s another UK win for Voi: Barnstaple, Devon.

The trial has been approved by DfT and is expected to go live in early 2021.

The pilot will centre on improving access to further education college Petroc. Some 4,000 students travel to the main campus each week, according to a statement issued by North Devon Council. A secondary feature of the programme will help tourists move around the town.

“We are pleased that we have been granted a licence agreement and we look forward to working with Voi and Petroc to take further positive steps towards a successful trial phase,” said Malcolm Prowse, the councillor responsible for economic development and regeneration at the authority. “This includes addressing the safety concerns and needs of other road users, especially vulnerable groups. Close planning and collaboration with Devon and Cornwall Police will also go a long way to ensuring the safety and viability of the trial over the 12-month period. “

Bill Blythe, vice principal at Petroc, commented: “We look forward to working with the council to develop this proposal to a successful launch in the New Year and the benefits it will bring to students, staff and the wider community.”

The council news article also alleges that Voi “owns 80% of the UK e-scooter market share”, without substantiating how that figure has been arrived at.

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Photography by

Peter Minnig / Spacesuit Media

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