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Zag to Relaunch Under New Publisher

Zag, the website for micromobility and urban design, is set to relaunch with a new editor and publisher.

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Zag, the website and newsletter for micromobility and urban design, is set to be relaunched with a new editor and publisher.

Tom Seymour will take over as Editor from Ross Ringham, who has left to become communications director across the EMEA region for micromobility company Superpedestrian. Seymour specialises in writing about mobility and technology, and was recently contributing editor of Smart Transport magazine.

Zag will continue its editorial approach with a fresh look at micromobility and urban design, charting developments in electric scooters and other new transport forms, covering the latest news in the UK, as well as in Ireland and across Europe.

Seymour said: “This is an incredibly exciting time for micromobility and urban transport as many of the 12-month e-scooter trials are well underway across the UK and the Government has committed £2 billion to its active travel plans.

“Zag is in a unique position to track and grow with this new industry, both in the UK and across Europe, as the private and public sector come together to rethink mobility in our towns and cities.

“There are big opportunities, as well as challenges, ahead in reducing our dependence on the car for every journey and the micromobility industry offers a way to rethink transport, particularly in the context of a green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Zag will now be published by Patterrn, a content agency with a focus on sport, mobility and technology. It will remain an independent voice in the micromobility sector.

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