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Ginger boss: “Stop knocking Middlesbrough!”

Ginger's boss takes offence at Voi and unleashes a Twitter tirade.

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Ginger got all fruity today.

Company boss Paul Hodgins decided to have a pop at Voi over Twitter. The mud-slinging was in response to comments in The Times made by the Swedish micromobility firm about the difficulties faced by the Coventry scooter scheme.

In a series of tweets, Hodgins told Voi to “leave Middlesbrough out of their problems in Coventry.”

He went on to say: “Operators should stop blaming the residents of the cities they have been invited into. The same thing happened with bikes. Respect the communities you serve, and you will get respect back. In the meantime, stop knocking Middlesbrough.”

Voi’s Coventry scheme was suspended just five days after debuting, following reports of inconsiderate riding and parking.

The Middlesbrough programme run by Ginger itself made headlines in its early days, with reports of underage riders tearing around shopping centres and along a busy dual carriageway.