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Why multimodal matters to grow shared micromobility

Dott CEO and Co-Founder Henri Moissinac discusses why offering a range of micromobility options matters as the industry continues to grow.

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Author: Henri Moissinac, CEO and Co-Founder, Dott

The coming months mark an exciting chapter for Dott, on our journey to free our cities with clean rides for everyone. We have just reached the milestone of our first e-bikes arriving on the streets of Paris, and we will soon be bringing them to major European cities including Rome, Milan, London and Brussels.

As we supplement our fleet of 40,000 e-scooters with a further 10,000 e-bikes initially, we hope to encourage more people to choose environmentally friendly, shared micromobility to get around their city. In the process, we want to make those cities more pleasant places to be with less of the congestion and pollution caused by cars. 

We believe that offering a choice of vehicles matters. A founding principle at Dott since its launch has been to make our services accessible to everyone. And the introduction of an e-bike is fundamental to that ambition. Bikes are familiar, widely used by many and more comfortable and practical for longer journeys. 

The first journey following our Paris launch was a 7km trip, compared with an average on our e-scooters in the city of just under 3km, a sign that e-bikes can provide a compelling alternative for significant journeys over city centres. That first rider also finished their trip at the train station Gare du Nord, showing that this trip was likely part of an overall longer journey, comprised of multiple modes of transport and tailored to that individual’s needs. 

As we transform from an e-scooter operator to a multi-modal mircomobility company, we are focused on making it as simple as possible for our users to choose the service that’s right for them at any time. This could change depending on the purpose of their trip, the distance, whether they are carrying a bag or shopping for example.

Through one simple app, riders are now able to choose a scooter, bike, and other modes in the future depending on those needs, and see where the closest of each vehicle is located. What is more, all e-scooters and e-bikes are included in our pricing packages, so riders can use any of them as they see fit.  

To encourage more people to switch to sustainable travel, we must accept that a one-size-fits-all approach is not realistic. We all have different needs from travel depending on the circumstances and by offering a wider range of vehicles to our riders, we hope to become their preferred option more often.  

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Shiv Gohil / Spacesuit Media

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