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What does a new e-scooter iteration actually mean?

VMAX USA CEO Dani Horwitz lifts the lid on why the Swiss e-scooter brand continually seeks to iterate its vehicles

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It’s launch week here at VMAX USA, and introducing new electric scooters to the market is always an exhilarating time for us. When we first brought VMAX scooters from Europe, where the company was founded nearly 10 years ago, to the US market in October 2023, we were thrilled to establish the VX2 Pro as the cornerstone of our offering. Already the best-selling global VMAX electric scooter, the VX2 Pro quickly became our top-selling model in the US as well. Now, we’re upgrading our VX2 series with a VX2 Extreme version and revamping our entry-level VX5 with a Pro edition by incorporating some of the most requested features into this budget-friendly commuter scooter.

Some may wonder why we are introducing new scooters even though the existing VX2 Pro electric scooter has been, and continues to be, our best-selling model at VMAX. While yearly model upgrades are common in industries like smartphones with companies such as Apple and Samsung, we believe it’s important to explain the significance and reasoning behind launching new iterations of our e-scooters. Our drive to develop and launch new products is rooted in four key elements: Technological Advancements, Customer Feedback and Demand, Market Competitiveness, and Expansion of our Product Line.

Raising the tech bar

First and foremost, we are always looking to raise the bar for e-scooter quality by integrating the latest technological innovations and features that improve performance, safety and user experience. While many riders who are currently happy with their existing scooters won’t feel a need to upgrade right away, we constantly have people in the market for a new scooter and want to ensure that we always have models with the most advanced technology and safety features available. Take, for example, the VX2 Extreme. When comparing the Extreme to its predecessor, the VX2 Pro, our riders will notice a whole slew of enhancements. These include a larger deck for more riding comfort and stability, increased motor power (1600W peak power and 33% hill climbing ability), and a new 3.97-inch TFT LCD display that integrates seamlessly with our new VMAX app. These upgrades build on the features that have quickly become our standard, including IPX6 water resistance and UL 2272 battery certification. With these enhancements, the VX2 Extreme is about exemplifying our commitment to technological innovation as we strive to keep ahead of the competition.

Taking rider feedback seriously 

Equally important, in every iteration of VMAX scooters, we’re adding features that riders want and ask us for. Each new model is an excellent chance for us to incorporate the feedback we collect from users into our products. By including key suggestions from our community of riders into our product development pipeline, we show our riders that we take them seriously. Operating our own scooter production facility gives us the unique ability to do this efficiently. We see this with the newly launched VX5 Pro, for example. While our VX5 scooter has been a very popular entry-level scooter that offers a great mix of portability and performance, the Pro model now integrates two of the most requested features: turn signals and larger tubeless pneumatic tires. Right after we announced the new Pro scooter, a VX5 rider in Oklahoma City sent us a message saying, “Blinkers and larger tires are my two wish list items. Blinkers are huge safety items.” We’re happy to meet these needs and continue enhancing our products based on valuable rider feedback.

Aspiring for that competitive edge

Every new scooter launch at VMAX is a fantastic opportunity to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving micromobility market by offering upgraded and diversified product lines. It allows us to work with our partners, YouTubers, journalists, and retail shops to showcase our new products and strengthen our connections, building brand excitement. Launching a new scooter also deepens our relationship within our community of riders and provides opportunities for test rides. We’re excited to participate in the Electrify Expo Long Beach, where we will officially showcase our scooters to the world and offer test rides. By continually introducing new models like the VX2 Extreme and the VX5 Pro, we aim to ensure that VMAX remains at the forefront of the e-scooter market, appealing to a broad range of customers and maintaining our competitive edge.

Catering for all use cases

By introducing new products, we can also offer our customers an even wider range of prices and styles. While we roll out the VX2 Extreme, we will continue to sell our award-winning VX2 Pro electric scooter. The same goes for the VX5 and the VX5 Pro. Both the VX2 Pro and VX5 remain excellent choices for those seeking reliable and affordable commuter scooters. These new models join our VMAX family of scooters, which also includes our flagship VX4 scooter with suspension and exceptionally long range. Every scooter rider has a different use case and reason for wanting a scooter. With commutes varying from paved city streets to challenging terrains and different range needs, our diverse electric scooter collection ensures that everyone – from casual commuters to dedicated scooter enthusiasts – can find a model that suits their needs, preferences and budget.

The launch of the VX2 Extreme and VX5 Pro marks an exciting new chapter for VMAX. Our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and market competitiveness is what drives us to continually enhance our product lineup. We believe consistent vehicle iterations are an essential part of helping develop the new mobility industry so that we not only continue to broaden the pool of accessibility but also show the world what’s possible. 

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