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Looking to buy micromobility vehicles? Introducing Joyride Garage

Joyride explains how its automated e-commerce shop for fleet owners is highly personalised.

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Author: the Joyride team

The wait is over. For those looking to buy micromobility vehicles such as electric scooters, bikes, e-bikes and mopeds, prolonged lead times and murky supply chain logistics have become major industry pain points. Now, Joyride’s software solution is your hardware solution, too.

Introducing Joyride Garage, an e-commerce marketplace that enables anyone to directly purchase the hardware needed to operate–and grow–a fleet of shared electric vehicles. The Garage is also home to batteries and parts that are required to successfully keep a fleet running smoothly. 

Why Joyride Garage? Sourcing vehicles is an expensive and extremely timely hassle. Our portal features leading brands, flexible MOQs, short lead times, local stock and personalized pricing. Even better, all of the vehicles featured in the Garage are seamlessly integrated with Joyride’s software platform, making for a swift and easy ride.

There’s more:

  • Our available units guarantee continental availability for same-week final destination shipping 
  • Joyride software customers will find the lowest per-unit prices on the market 
  • Joyride’s Vehicle Team has worked out more flexible minimum order quantities than what has been historically offered industry-wide 
  • Joyride Garage is a sourcing tool for only the industry-leading equipment manufacturers. It will be consistently updated to reflect premium, sharing-ready vehicles for commercial use 
  • Joyride can aggregate our purchasing power with that of multiple operators to enable access to certain fleet models that are typically reserved only for large multinational companies

Kicking off with partnered inventory from the likes of ACTON, Segway, Okai, Aike, AXA, Gra, Element and Feishen, the Garage is updated on an ongoing basis with new hardware options. Joyride’s Vehicle Purchasing Team is also available to provide assistance and additional information regarding hardware selection. 

While we pride ourselves on unparalleled customer attention and support, the Garage is very much automated. Users are able to set up their own Garage accounts to manage all activities related to their orders, including personalised pricing and conditions. 

With the global micromobility market set to reach $215 billion by 2030, it’s the vehicles themselves that are going to get us there faster.

Joyride Garage is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing 360-degree micromobility solutions, from software to hardware to 24/7 operational support. We like to do all the heavy lifting, so our customers can focus on growing their fleets and reducing the world’s carbon footprint.

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