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UK rides reach one million a month and Helbiz go public

24 August 2021

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There have been some exciting developments within the world of shared micromobility over the past month, with Helbiz in particular taking a couple of significant steps.

Firstly, the American-owned Italian firm became the first shared electric micromobility firm to go public when it was listed on NASDAQ on August 13.

The process was finalised after Helbiz announced that it had completed its business combination with GreenVision Acquisition Corp.

Helbiz CEO Salvatore Palella rang the opening bell that day and described it as a “significant milestone” for the whole industry.

Less than a week later, Helbiz announced it was joining the eSkootr Championship, which is set to get underway next year.

eSC is a brand-new category of sport which aims to popularise the use of e-scooters by racing in urban areas around the world.

Helbiz is the first micromobility firm to announce its entry and the second overall, with more expected to confirm their participation as we approach the first race in 2022.

Elsewhere, Zag analysis found that more than a million shared e-scooter rides have been taken per month in the UK this year.

Since the start of 2021, around eight million journeys have been completed, with 55 fleets now spread across the country.

The trials are set to end in March 2022, by which time there are likely to be even more e-scooters available for hire, with just over 18,400 currently deployed.

London has been one such area increasing the availability of shared e-scooters, with the capital adding Westminster to its trial on August 2.

The addition of Westminster represents the second expansion since the launch in June – following the addition of City of London, Lambeth and Southwark in July – and it was a move welcomed by operators Dott, Lime and TIER when they spoke to Zag.

There were 35,000 trips made during the first four weeks of the London trial, with plans to grow the fleet up to 2,700 vehicles by the end of this month.

On our radar:

1. Bird announces record second quarter financial results

What: US operator Bird saw a 477 per cent revenue increase during the second quarter of 2021 when compared to the same period last year.

Why it matters: Bird is set to go public later this year and has seen a significant increase in ride profits, which made up 49 per cent of second quarter shared revenue. The firm also launched its new Bird Bike, an e-bike for individual use that will go on sale this Autumn.

2. Zeus launches three-wheeled e-scooters in Italy

What: Irish firm Zeus launched its first fleet in Italy this month after partnering with Anzio City Council.

Why it matters: Zeus e-scooters are three-wheeled, rather than two, which the firm claims aids stability and safety. With a presence in Germany, Norway, Sweden and now Italy, and plans for Ireland once e-scooters are legalised, perhaps the three-wheel alternative will become more commonplace.

3. E-scooters could need artificial sound to alert pedestrians, TfL boss says

What: Transport for London boss Andy Byford said that e-scooters could be required to make an artificial sound while moving to alert pedestrians.

Why it matters: Voi trialled such a technology in the UK cities earlier this year, after working with the Royal National Institute of Blind People to understand the concerns of the visually impaired community. If London was to make it mandatory, it could lead to further adoption among operators.

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