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Industry firsts and European expansions

25 June 2021

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There have been some significant developments in the shared e-scooter space across Europe over the past month.

As Zag exclusively revealed on Wednesday, Shell is set to install micromobility charging hubs at 25 of its forecourts in Berlin this summer after partnering with Swiftmile.

Shell is the first oil company to take such a step, with the move its first foray in the shared micromobility sector.

Swiftmile managing director EMEA Magnus Johannsson described the news as a “big proof point” for the micromobility sector and hinted at the possibility of the service expanding in time.

Elsewhere, Voi published its first Annual Safety Report, a document that the Swedish firm’s CEO Fredrik Hjelm said he hoped would “foster a dialogue on how Voi can improve road safety together with cities and other partners”.

Combining data from its own operations and external agencies, Voi set out its Vision Zero target of eradicating severe injuries and fatalities by 2030, while also providing valuable insight into rider behaviour.

In the UK, Zag published its first analysis of the London e-scooter trials, which got underway on 7 June.

The early data suggests it was a fairly small launch, with around 600 e-scooters spread across the city and predominantly situated in West London.

There also around 100 in Tower Hamlets, mainly around Canary Wharf.

The trial looks certain to expand over time, but much will depend on more boroughs getting involved.

On our radar:

1. Superpedestrian launches in nine new European cities

What: US micromobility operator Superpedestrian revealed the launch of LINK e-scooter fleets in cities and towns across Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden since the start of 2021.

Why it matters: The news is a positive in terms of the uptake among populations in numerous different countries, with Superpedestrian planning to execute launches in a further seven locations in Italy by the end of the month.

2. UK government paper calls for new micromobility regulatory framework

What: A report published by the Taskforce on Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform earlier this month recommended the creation of a new regulatory framework to be created in the UK to help govern the micromobility sector.

Why it matters: Micromobility devices are currently governed under the 1988 Road Traffic Act, an act that the report advised is no longer suitable. The creation of a new framework, it argued, would “help drive innovation across the diverse micromobility and mobility as a service sector”.

3. UK e-scooter rides reach four million milestone

What: Data from operators and Zag’s forecasting model indicate that more than four million shared e-scooter rides have been taken in the UK.

Why it matters: Every milestone is further evidence that the trials are working and that people are understanding the service offering. With London now underway and the potential for fleets to expand further, there could be many more milestones to come.

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