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Big milestones and big money

17 March 2021

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A big milestone has been reached in the UK e-scooter trials this week as Voi, the market leader with 60% market share, has tipped one million rides across its 17 locations.

To mark the occasion we sat down for an in-depth video call with Richard Corbett, Voi Regional General Manager UK, Ireland and Benelux, to find out how the Swedish brand has won so many contracts, when it expects to make a profit and all the details on what’s next as expansion plans ramp up for the summer.

We spoke with Tier to find out five of the biggest lessons it has learnt from its operations in Paris. Safety, technology and collaboration have all played an important role in making a success of the French capital.

Haya Verwoord Douidri, Superpedestrian VP EMEA, has shared some highlights from the company’s first six months operating in Europe. She thinks the industry is on the cusp of a third wave of micromobility businesses.

We’ve also noticed more mobility operators are pairing their e-scooter fleets with e-bikes. Could this help unlock the UK government’s active travel funding?

Shared e-scooters are nearly ready to go in Ireland, with operators lining up to win contracts in places like Dublin and Cork. Tier has put together a free webinar that features industry experts to discuss what it means for the country’s cities, streets and people.

1. London gets the green light

What: I know. London’s trial still hasn’t started yet. However, we have heard some more key details after the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan gave the official green light to start running trials this spring.

Why it matters: London is likely to be the biggest trial in the UK and will have a massive influence on the shared scooter market and how private e-scooter legislation is developed in the future.

2. Sceptical experts join the fold

What: PACTS, the transport safety advisors for the UK government, has reached out an olive branch to the e-scooter industry, urging further collaboration. It is still concerned about the private e-scooter market, but wants public scheme operators to open up and share more data on their safety wins.

Why it matters: PACTS’ view could be very influential for the development of the e-scooter market in the UK. Closer links between safety advisors and operators can only be a good thing if e-scooters are to play a successful role in offering alternatives to the car.

3. Bird spreads its wings in Europe

What: US-based micromobility company Bird has put down over £100 million to expand its services to 50 cities across Europe.

Why it matters: This investment makes a big statement about Bird’s commitment to the ultra-competitive European market. The cash injection is another signal that micromobility will continue to be on every city and towns’ agenda across the continent as they look to new modes to hit Net Zero.

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